Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Year Has Passed and the New Addition

18 Oct 2012, 2:42pm - Alhamdulillah...new addition to the family. A healthy baby girl, 3.15kg named Nur Ayra Rayna...

Muhammad Rizq Arfa now is officially a-one-and-a-half year old 'Abang Long' I guess.

OK...back to baby Ayra Rayna now. Mommy Kasya and baby Rayna were discharged on the 3rd day, 20th October 2012 and both of them were in good health. Lesson learnt from Rizq Arfa's when he was born is that to check on baby's jaundice level before both mommy and baby could go home. In baby Rayna's case...her jaundice count were at 113. Since it was low, we decided to discharge and went home.

The chronicles of the event of baby Rayna's:

21 Oct  -  Discharged from PCMC.
23 Oct  -  Jaundice is so noticable, warded to KPMC to be placed under photolight with jaundice count of 230.
26 Oct  -  Discharge from KPMC with jaundice count of 190.
31 Nov -  Pedeatrician check up at PCMC; noticed heart murmur.

That was the most unwanted news to us...heart murmur. Although the pediatrician did said it was an 'innocent' heart murmur, but to us it can be anything.

Tomorrow is the appointment for baby Rayna's cardio check up. Insya-Allah all will be fine...

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